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Joe,  that was what I was getting at.  You used sticks.  I'm worried about the use of powder.

Joe Sr.:

--- Quote from: mabrungard on December 08, 2012, 03:07:39 PM ---Joe,  that was what I was getting at.  You used sticks.  I'm worried about the use of powder.

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Sorry.  The tincture was with powdered cinnamon.

I believe it also had all-spice, nutmeg and definitely anise.


--- Quote from: maaswinhester on December 08, 2012, 09:45:59 AM ---Hi All,

I went to my grocery store to buy a cinnamon stick to place in my Saison D'Hiver, but they were sold out. I have some very good Saigon cinnamon here at home, but it is in powdered form. So, I have a couple of questions. Is it a good idea to use powdered cinnamon? Also, how much should I use? I was thinking of just using one gram in the five gallons.

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Powdered Saigon cinnamon rocks.  I add it as a steep at the end of the boil.  I also mix it in some in hot water to make a sort of tea for a "dry hop" in the secondary.  This helps me dial in the precise amount I want in my Pumpkin Ale.

I have used spice additions for many years.
The quality of spice varies significantly!!!!
When you buy spice you have absolutely no idea how fresh nor how strong the flavor.
One batch of spice may be quite strong and the next quite weak.
(I now buy all my spices from the San Francisco Herb Co.)
They seem to be more consistent with higher quality product.
For ground powder spice I usually use alcohol extraction - ie vodka.
Easy titration to the perfect level.

On the astringency front I can speak to that. I just kegged a stout with a tincture of ceylon cinnamon 3 sticks in a small bottle of vodka for about a month. I am noticing a distinct woody astringency. similar to that found in oak aged beers. It's okay and once the beer warms up a bit it fades into the background but be aware. 


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