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Unusual beer turnaround after ferment temp spike

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Yeah, I was aware that the first 2-3 days are most critical for keeping ferment temps down, and when the flavors are largely established.  I understand others' doubts based on my first post.  In actuality, my notes state that I guessed that ferment reached ~74F, possibly by 50-55 hours after pitching.

I have let beers get away from me early on before, and have cellared those with solventy fusels for +2 years to see if the fusels would eventually convert to esters.  Ultimately they were headache beers for so long that they were worthy of dumping just so as to get rid of questionable inventory.  But I had a friend carry the cap around for a week in his pocket to ask me about one of those beers that had cellared long enough to be really enjoyable, and I gave him my last bottle of it yesterday.

My processes were fine up until the ferment temps.  I was just pointing out that based on the timing of the ferment temp swings, I was amazed at how well the STINKY beer rebounded.


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