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Alright...second brew day is in the works.  This time I am going for one of my favorite styles, IPA.  I am huge hop head and love a good bitter and hoppy IPA. Obviously...I am too much of a noob but want to try my best to put out a good IPA.

I recently was able to score a couple pounds of hop pellets (thanks New Belgium!).  I got some falconers flight, Amarillo and cascade that I would love to use.

This one again will be an extract so I am looking for a few suggestions on the following recipe is a tweaked recipe from my local homebrew shop.

6 lbs pale malt extract
2 lbs amber malt extract
1 lbs medium crystal I
.5 lbs Dextrine
1 oz Amarillo
1 oz Cascade
1 oz Cascade
1 oz Falconers Flight - Maybe to brighten it up?
2 oz Amarillo (dry hop)
American Ale yeast ...maybe 1056?

Thoughts on this combination of hops?  Would Armarillo suffice as a bittering hop or is it better to go with something else?  Falconers Flight from what I have read on various sites, brings a citrus flavor and thought it might be good to brighten this one up to avoid a dank and resin taste.

Thanks for the feedback. 

Personally, I wouldn't waste Amarillo for bittering.

Also, if you feel you can't get through all those hops, I'd be happy to help you with them.

Why do amber malt extract and caramel malt in an American IPA?  I say eliminate one and replace with a corresponding amount of pale malt extract.  If it was up to me I would drop out the amber malt extract because I don't know what is in it and because of the possibility that it could be old and have developed extract twang.

+1 on skipping the amber malt extract. add 2 more lb pale extract, leave the medium crystal, skip the dextrine unless you have some really compelling reason to add it.

On hops I would add enough of your highest AA hops at the begining of the boil or First Wort Hop and a 60 minute to get most of your IBUs then load up at the end with the amarillo and FF and maybe some cascade as well. 1 oz each at 10, 5, and 0 and then Dry hop with a couple oz of similar mix as the late hops

well the crystal is a specialty grain not extract.  I should have noted that.  I was wondering about the amber extract.  Maybe I will just go with 8 lbs of pale with the English crystal for some color. 

Maybe for bittering going with some warrior hops.


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