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bottling small amount from full batch

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What is the best way to only bottle a six pack or so from a full batch? I am taking the batch to my friends to keg for a New Year's party but want some for myself in order to get good tasting notes, etc.

I am thinking about transferring the full batch to the bottling bucket and adding priming sugar as normal then bottling enough to get the remaining volume to 5 gallons. I will have to clean and sanitize the fermenting bucket then transfer back to it for transportation. I don't have a lid for the bottling bucket... The 5 gallons will be transferred to keg and conditioned in a fridge so I don't think the priming sugar will affect much. Is this a bad idea? I think it will be easier than measuring an amount of priming sugar for such a small amount of beer. I could see having difficulty with the final product's carb.

Any thoughts?

Coopers carb drops work pretty well for me. For 1-gallon batches I don't generally use a bottling bucket. I just attach my bottling wand to my autosiphon and bottle straight from the fermenter, then add one carb drop to each bottle.

If your sanitation is good, then you could do this to bottle a few right from your fermenter without having to transfer a whole batch to the bottling bucket.

That is a great idea that I had not considered. I will see if I can track some down

I have heard of inconsistent results with Coopers drops, but have always had good luck with Muntons.  Four of these aspirin-sized pills in a 12 ounce bottle has worked for me.
Of course if you have kegging equipment you could always force carbonate some in a 2-liter plastic bottle.

Joe Sr.:
I've found the Munton's to leave weird white plasticy solid particles in my beer.  Supposedly they corrected this but not in my experience.

I've had good luck with the Coopers.  I've also had inconsistencies.  The inconsistencies may have actually been with Brewer's Best or some other brand.

Overall, it's a mixed bag in my opinion but they all work.


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