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I don't quite know what you mean by 5.3%, but I am going to guess you mean potential alcohol. That would put you at a very low gravity (1.040 ish). If that fermented down, it could be a little watery if fermented rather dry (one of my tricks on session beers is to mash REALLY HIGH to get a very high final gravity, like you would end up with in a more standard beer). If it is fermented and done (my guess) you may have just over-bittered it.

If it still tastes sweet and bitter, it may not have fermented, but at this point, something is bound to have started fermenting your wort.

sorry i meant the potential alcohol was at 5.3% im going to test the gravity in a second and report back in a jiffy

so just checked the gravity and its at 1.010

I put you at a roughly 4% beer. might be a bit thin, and I don't know what the bittering hop charge was on the recipe, but you might have over-bittered for the style. I would bottle it and give it a month or two. the bitterness will smooth out.

 :D for a second there i though id have to restart the fermentation process, i will hopefully bottle on Thursday, when i have the time thank you.


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