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What are you tappin'?

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What have you got in the pipelines that you're excited about that will soon be tapped?

I tapped an extra pale ale last night with 91% 2-row, 9% special B, cascade and chinook to about 54 IBUs, and the beer came out to 6.66%! Metal! It's f*cking tasty if I do say so myself. Really surprise myself once in a while. I used the new BRY-97 for this one and it turned out nicely. Still might rather use US-05, but either way, it's a good yeast.

Got a lot of good schtuff in the pipeline right now - I've got my first batch on my new system, a dunkel, that should be tapped soon, the FWH/Whirlpool only IPA i discussed here: (though I tweaked it a bit before the final run), an American Stout, and I still have a keg of my medal winning fest in the on deck fridge!

I stocked up for the holidays!  Got:

-2 kegs of Sam Smith's Nut Brown Ale Clone
-a keg of my famous holiday Stout
-2 kegs of "Pale Ale Goodness"
-2 kegs of Pilsner Urquell Clone
-a keg of Steam Beer

And I'm bottling my holiday Pumkin Ale tonight with a Chimay bottling a few days away!


Smoked bock. It is finishing fermenting but it looks nice.
I did not want to make it too smoky and I used only 33% smoked German malt.

I'm tapping that ass!!


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