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Recently bottled a hopped up English Barleywine.  Otherwise on tap is hard cider, Midas Touch clone, Pannepot clone (Belgian quadrupel lightly spiced with thyme, cinnamon, coriander and sweet orange peel), and Falconer's Flight pale ale.

Nothing in the pipeline since I've been focusing on wine from grapes... 58 gallons of reds (syrah, cab sauv, cab franc) and 17 gallons of white (sauv blanc).


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--- Quote from: Pinski on December 12, 2012, 03:45:28 PM ---My Complicated Blonde that I got to brew at a local brewpub just got kegged last night and is carbing comfortably. I wanted to do a batch on my home system to see how it translates. Seems a bit darker at this point. Split the batch between WL001 and WY1450 to compare. 

This weekend I'll start the first round of dry hopping for my Backyard IPA which is made from 100% of the hops grown in our backyard last summer.  It's basically the Pliny Clone grain/hop bill with my hops subbed in.  I used Willamette, Mt. Hood, CTZ and Cascade. Can't wait to try it!
I grew a wild hair on this batch and decided to pitch half of the wort with WY3787.

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Which brewpub made your recipe? When are they serving it?

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Rogue's Green Dragon.  The beer I made down there was served in October. The Green Dragon Brew Crew is a group of five homebrewers that Rogue and the folks at the Green Dragon very graciously allow us to brew on their nano system.  We typically brew a recipe with a guest brewer that has won a local club comp or has been nominated for some other reason. We do 'brew crew' releases every Wednesday evening at 6 PM. You should come down and say hi sometime. My next solo batch is a single hop Centennial IPA, probably up in February.


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