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I havent bought the kegerator yet. This is the one I am currently looking at.

Must be the wrong link.  I found no kegerator in the link you posted.


You may want to make sure you get one big enough to grow into.  It's amazing how fast you can go from one tap to needing 4!  If you have room in you house or garage, consider checking Craigslist for a used fridge.  This is what I did, found a cheap ($30) fridge that had room for 3 kegs and the CO2 and used picnic taps.  I started w/ one keg and I've now moved my CO2 outside the fridge and have 4 kegs with 4 taps installed in the door. 

Does that Danby hold 3 kegs and a tank? Hopefully there isn't a hump in it. I serve 2 kegs from my Sanyo 4912 though any similar will work.


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