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? Ale made with german lager yeast ?


I am notmready to try my luck at brewing a lager quite yet but, I got ahead of myself and ordered some WLP830 German Lager Yeast. I have brewed a couple california common style batches using lager yeast, what are the chances of getting similar good results fermenting at ale temps with this yeast? Any ideas for a recipe? I did a search but everything that came up was fermrnted at lager temps. Thanks for any ideas.

I haven't heard any reports of that yeast at ale temps, and but if you're going to try it you should still pitch the same amount of yeast as you would for a lager, and ferment as cool as you can manage. I've been able to make decent lagers with a simple swamp cooler arrangement, but it is a fairly big commitment to ensure you swap out frozen water bottles often enough to maintain lager fermentation temps.

If Mr. Malty is right and 830 is the same as Wyeast 2124, then go for it.  It's good for a Cali Common.  Agreed to ferment as low as possible and use Mr. Malty on Hybrid for your pitching rate.


Thanks. I will check info at Mr Malty. Recently changed brewing routine to include making starters for every batch and definitely this one as the date on the vial is 31 Dec 12.

i brewed a vienna with that yeast and fermented around 60.  no problems


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