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Dishwasher Sanitize vs. Jet Bottle Washer

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Hello all,

I am just joining the AHA, so this is probably not a new question, but I was hoping to get a variety of opinions on this topic.

I have bottled several batches, and each time, I have sanitized my bottled by soaking them in a solution of water and iodophor, then putting them in the dishwasher (with no detergent, ect) on the sanitize setting. This has worked well, but takes a long time.

I am thinking about getting a jet bottle washer, but I am not sure if this will be more effective than my current method. Does anyone have experience with both/have a preference one way or the other?

When I bottle I put one tablespoon of B-Brite in the dishwasher and run a wash with the sanitize cycle.  Works great.


Mark G:
First of all, welcome to the AHA and the forum. As far as your questions, can we assume the bottles are clean before your iodophor/dishwasher sanitizing regimen? If so, you really only need to do one or the other. Pick whichever is more convenient for you. The jet bottle washer will help you clean the bottles before sanitizing, so if that's what you're considering using it for, go for it. Just remember, you can't sanitize something unless it's clean first.

I tend to see the jet bottle washer as something that's used for cleaning the bottles, not sanitizing. You need to do both (even if cleaning is just rinsing the bottles after finishing the beer).

I use a wine sulfiter filled with Starsan for my sanitizing step, and find it much quicker and more enjoyable than anything that involves dunking the bottles.

Thanks for the welcome and quick responses,

I clean out the bottles with a quick rinse and shake before sanitizing, but when described as it is above, the jet washer seems like it would make that process much less tedious.


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