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Shore is purty

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Today's Lager went nicely hit all the numbers did a 90 min mash and 90 min boil...
It is already bright...9.5lbs of breiss pils with a handful each of bel aromatic, bel carafoam, wheat
and acid malt + .5 lb of victory....add some oxygen 53 degrees and pitch a LOT of re-hydrated s-189 thank you boulderbrewer.

Edit: Hops were 90 min addition of Sterling whole and 20 min addition of Belma

all winter in the cold garage and this will be a joy come early spring....


Nice, keep up the good work.


TYVM!  I put this up mostly to show the 90 min boil with the pils malt.
That is the way to go for sure.  I wanted to drink the unfermented wert,
that is how purty the liquid was....Taste was cloying sweet so I did not
manage to consume that.

Very nice!

Have you used the Belma before this...if so, how do you like them?


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