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Water profile: Can someone just tell me what to do?

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The water isn't as nice to brew with on the "Nevergreen" side of the state, unless you're brewing stouts. Hard and alkaline. I mix half well, half RO for pale ales.



--- Quote ---In Brewing Better Beer, Gordon Strong states he uses RO water and adds minerals for the beer being brewed. At the NHC in WA, his comment to the locals who have the mineral free water was "I hate you!" with a big smile. That water would be wonderful to brew with.
--- End quote ---

I think AJ DeLange said the same thing during the water symposium at NHC.

I have used bottled spring water since about the second batch I brewed, back in the extract days...water is usually my second-most expensive ingredient.  My well water is hard as a rock and while an RO system is worth considering, my buddy has a whole house RO system and he has to change the filters out so often that he buys his brewing water at Meijers or Menards, because he figures that it is cheaper than using his own RO.


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