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Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

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I'm not sure if I should post this and please delete if needed.  Sitting here playing w/ my 3-yr-old daughter and news of the Conn. elementary school shooting is running across the TV.  Reports of 26 dead including 18 children.  Very, very heavy heart today and prayers go out to all those families and that community.  I just can't imagine...

It's weighing heavily on me as well.  Just picked up my 8 year old daughter from the bus stop.  Worst nightmare imaginable. 

Prayers for all the families. Horrible horrible horrible

My cousin's son goes to this school.  Luckily they were on a trip to Disney.

Mod. Note - Usual rules apply. If you want to have political battle or talk the merits/demerits of gun control, there are lots of places on the interweb that will accommodate you

Having said that.. what a waste, an absolute horror and waste.


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