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With modern malts the protein rest is mainly for clarity. So for a wit, it really is not necessary. Mash out will improve your lautering efficiency but is also not necessary, just remember to include the rice hulls. You should be fine with just a single infusion and batch sparging. I'm usually in the 148-150 range for a witbier.

I have found that witbier recipes are very forgiving.  The kind of wheat can vary from white to red and from raw to flaked or torrified and it still will turn out well.  I tend to mash at lower temps (150 or so) to get the final gravity down. I would leave the Munich malt out since this style is probably the palest of all beers and doesn't need the color or the Munich sweetness that it would contribute.
If you find the spice level too light you can always add more corriander in the secondary (or after tasting in the primary if you don't use a secondary) or in the keg.
I once made a witbier by mashing in at 122 and adding boiling water additions to raise the mash in steps to 132, 148, 156 and would have made a final addition to get 168, but I ran out of space in the mash tun.  It was just as good as one I made with a single infusion at 152.


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