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OK Whats the secret to making VERY MALTY beers? grain selection and mash temp/schedule, water grain ratio...hop additions or lack of hop additions?

Just bitter and flavor and no middle additions of hops for more/intense malt flavor?
I always seem to have trouble achieving the malt flavor I am looking for  :-\
Any suggestions?


Malt selection is your first stop. Things like Maris Otter and Munich and even a good European pilsner malt will typically give you more malt flavor that the malts produce by American maltsters for the needs of the big guys here.

Mash technique does matter - can the use of decoction mashing push the maltiness? Sure, but the Scots seem to be able to do just fine making big malty beers with a single infusion mash.

Another place to check is your water and specifically your chloride levels. Where sulfate pushes the hops forward, chloride enhances malt perception. If you want a really well perceived malty beer, make sure you have more chloride than sulfate in the water.

What Drew said

In addition a higher mash temperature , 154-156 will get you what your looking for too.

Some people say its all about the yeast and attenuation but US-05 makes a fine one, its mashing procedures that are key with these beers IMHO


--- Quote from: dbeechum on February 25, 2010, 10:23:29 AM ---Malt selection is your first stop.
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and as babalu has said mashing techniques play a key role as well. Time and temperature....

Thanks Guys!

I just brewed a American Brown Ale using Maris Otter, Crystal 60, Victory, Honey malt, and Cara-pils, mashed at 153-154, and pitched WLP001, gravity came in at .059(.060 was target) after boil. so was happy with that, little less than 5 gallons in primary fermentor...gravity after primary ferment was .012 and secondary is perking away so I am thinking .010 or so when I bottle...we will see what happens, I am sure it will be a tasty beer, just hoping for some MALT flavor  ;D


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