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Home Depot Deal of the Day!!

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Home Depot  ;D

You gonna get one? I'm not in the market for one, but it's cool they're putting it on sale.

Nah...I have a six tap chest freezer kegerator.  I just thought it was funny it is on sale at Home Depot.

How much work does it take to modify one of these to work with corny kegs?  With more than one tap, for preference.

They are set up for corny kets. If you want another tap you need to buy another tower. Things to be aware of is the size of the C02 bottle. Cheaper kegerators often come with a 2 pound bottle and it is difficult finding anybody who will fill one of those. Also they come with a single gauge regulator. You have no gauge to see how much C02 you have. The most common complaint I have seen in all the reviews I have been reading about entry level kegerators is people have trouble getting them and keeping them under 40 degrees.


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