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Water Check - not Happy with "Pale Ale" profile

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--- Quote from: beersk on January 02, 2013, 01:17:19 PM ---I can tell that Stone's water is higher in sodium, but also thought the sulfate would be higher. I think the thing my IPA's have been missing is sulfate...I tend to not go much above 100ppm. I should actually try 150-200ppm in a recipe I know and see if it makes the hops "pop" a little more. Thoughts?

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go for it.!

--- Quote from: reverseapachemaster on January 03, 2013, 07:28:38 AM ---Really? I remember the last time or two I was in Vegas I tasted the water and thought it actually had a decent enough taste that it could be used for brewing, unlike the hard and heavily chlorinated water here in Dallas.

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Not sure if Reno and Vegas are similarly sourced, but I annually go to Reno for business and visited a brewpub there  2 years ago (BJ's?? - can't remember) and 2 of the beers tasted like I had pennies in my mouth.  I questioned the assistant brewer, who sat down and had one with me, and said that "yeah, it does...when I made that batch the RO filter was down, so I just said 'f' it and brewed, bro!"

No, Reno gets their water from the Truckee River which comes from Tahoe.  I suppose that water could have iron and other metals since that is all hard-rock area.  It should otherwise be decent water for brewing.  I don't know for sure though.


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