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Loss of carbonation & priming


Having listened to the Brew Strong show on BN, I'm pretty sure I know how to use the priming nomograph found at   The nomograph assumes that the beer is saturated with 1 atm of carbon dioxide at a given temperature.  Obviously the beer won't be saturated with carbon dioxide immediately after racking and bottling  In my last batch which is still conditioning, I shot for the upper level of the carbonation range for the style in the hope of staying within the range.  How do you deal with the loss in carbon dioxide during racking and bottling?

You won't lose much CO2 at all, unless you're really splashing the wort around. And that should be avoided to minimize oxidation anyway.

This isn't something to worry about- file it under RDWHAHB. Just aim for your intended volumes.

If you keg- try racking a batch that has 2 points or so to go. Will come out just right.

Thanks for the advice.  I've since drunk the beer and the carbonation level is fine.


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