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blue paddle


dug this one out of the stack of beer i aquired.

this is one of the NB products i would buy again.  in the glass has a nice long lasting creamy head.  nice color but at first blush seems to not be clear. looking closer it is just the nucleate bubbles forming to maintain the persistent head.  the hop aroma is crisp and brief with the malt coming through more on the taste.  there is still a hint of medicine in the aroma but not on the flavor. it is not as pronounced a sensation as noted on the snow day offering i just had.  i enjoyed it. if between this and a batch 19 which is a cap and not so much the european pils, i would probably go for the batch 19. 

Yeah, I really like that stuff on a hot day.

i was really surprised at how well i liked it. the most impressive part was how creamy the foam was and how persistent it was.  i think there are a few more different NB products out in my stash to try.  I wish more of the restaurants and bars would serve this instead of a dozen ipa that they all have.


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