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As a Texan I vote for a heavy cream sauce. And the rest of stuff too.

--- Quote ---The dish is traditionally served in Austria with Kopfsalat (lettuce tossed with a sweetened vinaigrette dressing, optionally with chopped chives or onions), potato salad, cucumber salad, or parsley potatoes. Currently it is also served with rice, french fries or roasted potatoes. It is common to serve it with a slice of lemon, to give the bread crumbs more taste, and a sprout of parsley. "It has however become common in Northern Germany to serve it with lemon, cucumber slices, sardines and capers, to achieve a pleasant appearance".[7]

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: HydraulicSammich on December 26, 2012, 11:40:00 PM ---Go with Spaetzle, sauerkraut, kolsch, and a nice light cabbage and carrot salad with vinegrette

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Ja, das ist gut. ;D oder mit Blaukraut.


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