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Wide tray for soaking in sanitizer

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--- Quote from: liquidbrewing on December 31, 2012, 03:54:57 PM ---I used to soak everything now I just keep a bottle of distilled water and StarSan handy.  Works like a champ and I haven't ordered StarSan in a LOOOONG time.

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Yep, I keep a spray bottle of Star-San to hose down everything that doesn't fit completely in the bucket I store my Star-San in. Works like a charm.

While you're at HD or Lowes, buy a 5 gallon homer bucket and lid.  Use RO water and Star San to make up 4 gallons of StarSan solution and store it in the HD bucket between brew days.  The size and volume makes it easy to quickly sanitize pre-cleaned equipment and corny kegs.

I also use those $5 blue PVC gloves to protect the hands and minimize contamination issues when handling strainers or transfer tubing during kegging. A quick dunk in the homer bucket StarSan solution helps allay any fears of contamination.

Good idea, thanks.

Heading to HD tomorrow.  Thanks for the tips!


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