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What's Brewing This Weekend - 12/28 Edition

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Christmas has been buried for the next year. New Year's is almost here and I'm laughing at the gathering of RV's that has already begun around my house for the Rose Bowl Parade.


Nothing here.  I'm done for 2012.  All the fermenters are filled at the moment.  Next batch will be in mid-January.

Nothing this week.  Will be tasting some of Ron's beer though. 8)

I'm brewing a German Pilsner on New Year's Day, using the yeast that is working on my Munich Helles right now.

That is if it stops doing this crap:

Bottling my Belgian Amber tonight and possibly starting up a batch of maple wine. No actual brewing, but I need to plan my first brew for the new year. The wife is starting to complain about lack of freezer space, so I need to start using up some of this year's hops hoard.


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