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What's Brewing This Weekend - 12/28 Edition

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APA 15 min extract boil with only mosaic hops

This Sunday I plan to brew 11 gallons of an oatmeal robust porter.  Half of it will become a cherry chocolate oatmeal robust porter, using some cherries I picked and then froze this summer + maybe a tad of natural tart cherry concentrate.  I have been knocked silly since a couple days after Christmas with influenza A that morphed into bad bronchitis.  Four in our household got that flu even though we all had gotten flu shots.  I turned the corner today - FINALLY, of course with the help of antibiotics, and had my first beer after nine days with no alcohol.  It was Denny's BVIP and it was delicious!

If anyone gets this bad flu that' going around, I recommend seriously thinking about getting antibiotics ahead of the curve before it hammers your lungs and sinus.


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