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What's Brewing This Weekend - 12/28 Edition

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I'm brewing an APA with Apollo and Citra hops.

I'm kegging my Backyard IPA that has 100% of my 2012 personal hop harvest.  Won't have time for a standard batch so I'm thinking about making a big bad stout extract/steep grain style. 

Preparing a starter for a RIS that will be my first beer for 2013. I plan to brew it next weekend. This weekend I'll be kegging a Dubbel and tapping a Belgian White. Hope 2012 was a good one for everyone. Let's also hope that 2013 will bring new ideas and better beer for all of here on the forum. Peace!

Happy New Year!  8)

Trying my first time at re-pitching yeast from a bitter to a dark mild. Bitter is tasting good and almost honey like out of the primary. hmm

Going to brew 10 gallons of RIS tomorrow.  Half will go into a 5 gallon barrel that barley wine just vacated.


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