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What is your best session beer recipe?

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Lately I've been working a lot and session beers are really appealing to me. I like to be able to drink one or two and not feel it at all in the morning.

My favorite has is O'flannagins stout! It came out to about 4.2% abv and very tasty.

So what are your favorite session beers recipes?

I've been working on a session Pale Ale in the mid-4% range and a roast porter right at 4%. Neither recipe is quite where I want them yet, but even in their current not-ready-for-primetime incarnations, they are still quite tasty and go down real easy. The key is finding that sweet spot where it is flavorful without blowing out your palate, and easy-drinking without being thin-bodied.

I like enough munich to get me to 1.036, enough boil hops to get me to 30-40 IBU and lots of flame out and dry hops.

If no munich around, pale ale and an lb of medium (c45ish) crystal will do.

I like a helles, pilsner, or Berliner weisse.  Very simple recipes.

I am a big fan of the English Mild.  There is a solid recipe on the AHA website as a starting point.


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