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What is your best session beer recipe?

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Very drinkable.

I like milds (hoppy and unhoppy) and bitters. For low gravity brewing I go with a no sparge method just bumping up the pale malt from the original fly sparge recipe to achieve my OG at reduced efficiency and draining my lauter bucket into the kettle and adding water before boiling to get my initial kettle volume. I found my bitters especially to be somewhat astringent with fly sparging.

Two recipes stand out from the past year include a hoppy mild based on an old memory of Grant's Celtic Ale at OG 1039 and 39 ibus with Willamettes and Cascades plus dry hops in the cask; and a version of How to Disappear Completely from the Brewing Network's BrewDog show at OG 1041 and 99 ibus (their recipe calculated out to nearly 200 ibus and I backed it off a bit).

And I bottled a Scottish 60/- with only 6 ibus today.


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