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Child board for sour/wild fermentation?


This subtopic seems to dominate the "Fermentation" category - should it be split into a child board?

I'd rather not, just for the sake of simplicity.  But we'll discuss it among the mods.

Jimmy K:
Since the board has opened (Nov 2009) it has had about one new thread per day. I wouldn't call that crowded. It might attract some new users though by highlighting the forum as a place for sour beer questions - that might be good. I'm thinking outloud now. And by outloud I mean typing quietly.

I only regularly visit about half the subforums on here. I think if you overcompartmentalize, people will miss stuff, and navigating the site will be harder.

The consensus among the mods seems to be to give it a try.  We''l make a final decision soon.


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