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In The Sand:
I'm new to homebrewing.  I've done about 8 five-gallon batches since June of this year.  My first was an extract recipe and then I went straight into all-grain.  I joined AHA back around September I think.  I've always enjoyed drinking craft beer over macrobrews and finally got tired of the limited selection of craft brews in the Florida Panhandle.  Since I've started brewing my own, I've noticed a gradual increase in the selection here, and particularly at places you wouldn't expect to see them (e.g. gas stations). 

I know it's not attributable to me, and maybe I'm now just more aware, but I'm curious to know what others have seen growth-wise in the microbrewery industry.  In particular (AHA moderators weigh in please) has there been a noticeable increase in AHA membership over the past few months or years?

I've also noticed the homebrew supply companies seem to be selling out of a lot of items or have started having longer shipping times.  Again, this is my first year so it may be related to the holiday season.  What do you all think?

I don't have the exact numbers at hand, but there has been huge growth in the AHA the last few years.  More than tripled in size, IIRC.

It has all exploded. Attendance at the NHC, GABF, and just about all other local beer festivals I attend has gone through the roof. I am really glad I don't have to search 20 stores for a craft beer anymore but I lament those quaint little festivals with no lines for beer and lots of elbow room.

I'll just leave this here...

The AHA has been on a growth curve for some years now. I don't have the exact figures, but it is around 30k+.

The NHC has reflected the growth. You can see the numbers at the conference in the next link. 2012 is to be around 2500, 2014 is 3500. Hotel and conference centers are sometimes the limit on the number.


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