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denny's favorite 50 in a maris otter and amarillo/simcoe beer?

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i was thinking about making a beer with 6.3 lbs of northern brewer maris otter extract and hopping with amarillo and simcoe to about 50-70 ibu.  i have some denny's fav 50 yeast from 03/12 that i need to use.  i plan on making a small starter if this particular yeast will work with a beer like that.

alternatively, i have safale us-05 and white labs california ale v from 5/2012.


thanks in advance.

1450 should be good for that.


--- Quote from: denny on December 28, 2012, 12:34:10 PM ---1450 should be good for that.

--- End quote ---

thank you sir. 


ugggg....  can't find the info on the maris otter extract to put in into beersmith.

Vin S:
northern brewer says 1.036 ppg and 4-5 srm hopr that helps


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