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Yet another keg line balancing question.


I recieved a tap for Xmas that I am going to install in my fridge door.
From what I understand I want to use 3/16" lines.
Searching  around on the internet I have seen a lot of folks say to start with 10' and shorten as needed.
Whan I do the math I wind up with much shorter lengths.
If I go here
 and put in 2 volumes at 45ºf it tells me to set the regulator at 9 psi.
If I go here
and put in 9 psi, resistance of 2, and height of 1' , it gives me a line length of 4.25'.
Do I really need start with 10' that I see recommended or would five' work?
I am heading to the store later today, so any tips would be appreciated.

The calculations have never worked well for me.  I've always needed to use a longer line than was called for. I'd start with 12 feet and cut it down until you get the right pour.

The wrinkle is that resistance for a 3/16" line isn't nearly 2 psi/ft. It's actually <1.

At 9 psi you should be able to use 6-7 ft. Are you sure you want to serve at 2 vol?

The real reason to adjust the line length is so the beer doesn't come out too fast and fill the glass with foam.  If the line is too long, then the beer comes out "too slowly".   Whatever that means.  That may be a problem for bars, but not so much for homebrewers.

I have everything all hooked up.
I put 12' of line on , and set the regulator to 10 psi.
I might shorten them up a bit, but for now it seems to work well.
Thanks for the help.


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