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Networked Temperature Controller

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I've knocked together a Networked Temperature Controller using a Raspberry Pi, a Teensy 3.0 board, an Adafruit Pi Plate, and 1-wire devices that can be used to remotely monitor and control multiple devices. I plan on using this to monitor and control my beer storage coolers, fermentation chambers, and brewstand, but it could also be used for other uses such as brooder temperature control for avian breeders, sous vide, etc. You can see the complete write up at my TeensyPi website. Comments are welcome.

Cool way to use a rPi.  Nice write up too.

Someday, I will get back into the hardware side of things.  Thanks for sharing!


Nice. Thanks for sharing.

I started working with the Raspberry Pi and was thinking about using one for monitoring temperatures.


Added a few new wrinkles:

I now have local or remote data logging and graphing.

I'm just about ready to post info on up to eight local LCD screens.

More at

Added Multiple PID control


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