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Combination of hops to create an "orange" flavor

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I am planning on brewing an APA next week.  I am trying to come up with a blend of hops to be more "orange/citrus" than pine or grapefuit, passionfruit, etc.  Going to hop burst it late.

Hops that I know give an "orange" type flavor from experience and reading various hop profiles are:

Cascade (probably more grapefuit?)
Summit (orange/tangerine, hoping to avoid the garlic/BO/Onion)
Pacific Jade

Tenatively planning on using a 2:1:1 ratio of Amarillo:Cascade:Summit, but could possibly substitute one of the NZ varieties. 

Thoughts anyone?


EDIT:  I will also be adding some fresh orange zest at 5min before flameout.  Probably 2-3 oranges?

I get quite a bit of orange from NB's surly bitter brewer clone.  IIRC it has a 2.5 oz dry hop with glacier.

I find summit to be oniony - I wouldn't use it.  If you like it though, have at it.

It has been said that the Bells house yeast is responsible for the orange flavor in Oberon. I might agree with that, but have never tried to do an Oberon. It is a fruity yeast.

Just wanted to say that yeast is something to consider.

The effect of the yeast has crossed my mind.  Not enough time to culture and propogate yeast from a Bell's bottle.  Thinking of using WY 1272 American Ale II...


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