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Combination of hops to create an "orange" flavor

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The only hop that gives me an unmistakable, dominant orange flavor/aroma is Summit. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to get the orange without the garlic/onion/asiago. If you want a big orange flavor in your beer, and I'd definitely go with some zest.

If I were hopping an orange beer I'd probably go with Amarillo and Glacier in the boil and use them with a small amount of Summit in the dry hops.

I remembered this link from Nathan Smith's site/rate beer..

It looks like the strongest orange from the experiment are as follows:

1. Ahtanum
2. Simcoe
3. Glacier

So maybe 2 parts Amarillo, 1 part Ahtanum, 1 part Pacific Jade?

I do have some ideas on how to avoid summit's "savory" attributes, but maybe I'll save that for another time.  Obviously some of this is also based on the quality of summit at harvest and out of the brewer's control.

K-97 yeast gives an orange flavor. Some tasters in my decoction experiment described it as "orange marmalade."

Coriander is what gives Wit much of its orange character. I'vE heard to be wary of the store bought stuff though and find plump indian varieties.

Warrior hops have an orange character I think.  That and Amarillo.  I don't get orange from Glacier really.  More of a super-mild peach flavor, but it is slight.


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