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Tap Handles?


Aloha and Happy Holidays everyone! Have a question on Tap Handles.  My wife got me two Tap Handles for Christmas for my Beer Fridge.  I installed the Tap Handles and connected the lines to my Corny Kegs and the beer comes out all foam.  Have adjusted the pressure on the CO2 Tanks but still nothing but foam.  Does anyone have any ideas on what I should try next?  Thanks! I look forward to hearing your suggestions! 

It's a matter of balancing pressure and resistance in the lines.

If you google balance keg lines you'll see several resources for the calculations.

I'd recommend 3/16 lines.

Adjusting the pressure on the tank doesn't really do much if you haven't vented the keg.  If you can give us the details on the system (temp, psi, length of tubing, ID of tubing) we can probably help.

This is a great resource:

There is a link at the top to download the Draft Beer Quality Manual

Pressure, temperature, tubing diameter and length are the key factors, but I also recommend following the draught quality manual that Tom posted. This manual will guide you toward producing the best possible draught beer.

Thanks for the suggestions. I took your advice and now my beer is flowing beautifully from the Tap Handles.  Happy New Year!  Long Live Homebrewers!!!


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