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Riddle me this.. Gas Lines Questions


I took my two pvc tubing gas lines off of the regulator. I've never cleaned them nor taken my co2 system apart, so I figured why not.. I've had some infected beer, and I figured it wouldn't hurt.  Anyway.. I took the two lines off and I'm looking at the ends where the Gas Disconnects go and one I can see down perfectly, and the other is pitch black... What am I missing?  Does one have a check valve?  Is there a cute little mouse living in there?  I'm avoiding taking them apart... but it may be my next step. Ideas?

If in doubt, I would just replace the lines.  Take apart the regulator and clean it, I was intimidated the first time but they come apart and go back together easily.  It's very straightforward.

Is it a helicopter?

Your question isn't very clear, but it sounds as if one of your gas lines has a check valve.  See if you can blow through it one way and not the other.

I went to using the same clear 3/16" ID serving line as the gas lines and can see if and when any beer back up into the gas lines or something may be growing. I have never understood why the gas lines are colored so you can't wee what might be lurking inside. Since using clear lines I'll never go back.

Although rare, even setups with check valves can allow backflow especially if you split the lines after the valve for multiple kegs. When I do a thorough system cleaning the gas lines get a good cleaning as well. Everything uses flare fittings so removal and replacement is simple and all lines are universal for gas or beer.


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