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There is no way of knowing your mash efficiency, it is not calculated with o.g. and batch size.
You need your preboil volume and gravity, or your post boil volume and o.g.
Your batch/fermentor volume will be less than your post boil volume due to a number of things, some of which will be unique to your system.

I would need at least 3.5 gallons post boil on my system for a 3 gallon batch. Meaning at 36 ppg possible from the "7ish" #s of grain you would have 252 points possible(generous). I would need 248.5 of them to have 3 gallons of 1.071 wort, or about 99% mash efficiency.
This should illustrate how very accurate detailed measurements are needed to start determining your diffferent efficiencies.



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