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New Years Dinner


Beer brined roasted pork loin with apple chutney, sauerkraut with dogs (for the kids) and a cheesy baked potato casserole topped with french fried onions.  Also some sugar snap peas (not pictured).

Put it down with some Brown Shugga.  Very tasty.

Nice. And doubly nice that the kids go for the sauerkraut!

I had pork and jalapeƱo tamales with hock-braised greens. The same greens and blackeyed-peas tonight and some pulled-pork. No pics.

Covering all my bases.

very nice!!!!

we did our traditional cabbage, turnip/collard greens, black eyed peas and i also smoked a chicken and a couple pork tenderloins and some cornbread....  didn't get pictures of everything....

Pawtucket Patriot:
Love me some greens!  Did you put some tasso in those black eyed peas?  Looks great, as usual.

It's not NYE anymore, but tonight my wife made some amazing venison Wiener Schnitzel, with homemade Spaetzle and Rotkohl.


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