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Since I've started brewing about a year ago, I've suspended my hop pellets in a fine mesh hop bag for the boil. Recently I've become more observant that these bags can hold a lot of water in them. If they hold water within them, are they also restraining a lot of the hop flavor and aroma from reaching the wort? I've done this method because I was told to do this. I've watched videos of brewers just pitching the pellets directly into the wort. I have been afraid of doing this, because the pellets leave a messy sludge in the bags, and I don't really want this in my beer. Will there be a mess of a sludge left behind in the bottom of my brew pot or even in my carboy or do the pellets dissolve more when pitched directly into the wort? What do you do?

i just throw them in, a lot of people are scared of it getting out of the brewpot into the fermentor but ive let it go through with no issues. Itll become part of the "trub" at the bottom of the fermenter just dont leave the beer on the hop pelets for too long if its a really hoppy beer

I just chuck them in loose, both in the boil and when I use them for dry hops. If some makes it into the fermenter, no big deal. They will just settle out with the trub on the bottom.

I use a hop spider (cheap 'n' easy to build ):

The bag is loose enough for water to exchange during the boil.  It seems to work well for a several ounces hop recipe, but something like Pliny would be pushing it (1 gallon paint strainer bag).

For hop pellets there is no reason not to put the directly in the kettle. No bag or gadgets needed!!!


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