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PC help - dern wifi won't work

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Have had nothing but problems with the HP laptop since I got it. Not the wifi suddenly is not working. Looked at troule shooting guide, followed all steps. Nothing.

I'm a Mac guy so I can usually solve issues on macs no problem but I'm not sure if I am missing something here or what. Any suggestions?

This may seem obvious (sorry) but on my wife's computer the wifi button was on the front of the laptop and she had bumped it, physically turning off the wifi (as opposed to some mouse clicking to turn it off).  On mine it is a key on the keyboard that I sometimes hit by accident.  You might look to see if there is a button or switch that got moved.

Yeah...what Tom said.  Dell in their infinite wisdom made a change to some of their laptops where you had to press the FN key when you want to use F1, F2, etc functions.  And of course, the F2 key, which is what most programs use as edit, just happened to be the wireless toggle.  That one pissed my off for a while.

The newer laptops we have are now back to normal ( i.e. you want F2, press F2 ).

I also have an hp and I'm constantly brushing my finger over the wifi button. Not even a button. Looks like a light.

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I wish it was that dang simple, but I turned it off and on a few times and it is still not working. As a matter of fact nothing seems to be working. I can't even run a system restore now!!! I hate Windows!!!!


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