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Dry-hopped cider tasting notes

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I definitely got some useful results for a first pass at this experiment. Nelson Sauvin was definitely the right choice for a hop in this cider. It doesn't mask the apple flavors from the cider, but it adds a really nice layer of complexity that pairs fantastically with cider.

I tasted the still samples about 3 weeks before the carbonated ones. I'm not sure if it is time or carbonation (or some combination of the two) that is lessening the perception of vegetal bitterness in the cider. The carbonated/hopped cider was very drinkable while the still version smelled fantastic but was rather tough to take more than a few sips of. I'll check back in another few weeks with another update.

A few other miscellaneous notes. I think I'd enjoy this cider a lot better if I backsweetened it a bit (or stopped it with sulfite before it dryed out fully). It's not so much the dryness, but it just seems way too thin and flabby. I have 3 more gallons (unhopped - so far) of this cider that is still finishing up, I may need to play with the sweetness level a bit. Also, I can't help but wonder if by using pectic enzyme that I may have traded off some body for clarity. I'll probably do a side-by-side next year on that.

Jimmy K:
I really like 1.002 - 1.005 FG for dry cider. It's still what people identify as dry but the body and flavor are much better. Below this point and you need a boatload of tannins to prop it up.  Definately experiment with backsweetening, even a tiny bit makes a nice improvement.
Pretty cool idea. I might try dry hopping some cider myself.


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