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I brew 12 gallon batches. The brewery churns it out pretty consistently without capacity bottlenecks. Why such a departure? It's easier to brew "extra" so what goes into the cornies has little to no sediment. Usually then I have a nearly clear beer on the second glass upon tapping a keg.

Plus, I have a gallon or more to play with- random carbing up a PET's to sample the beer still will leave me with full kegs on kegging day and fresh beer to drink. :D

That's me. What about you guys? Method to your madness?

Usually 5.5 gallon batches.  That's about the max my system can handle since I only have a ten gallon kettle.  No real desire to brew bigger batches at the moment either since it's mostly just me drinking it and I like to brew as frequently as I can and keep the pipeline full.

I always try to brew more than I really want and typically for the same reason as Euge.  But with that said its also to get the most in my fermenter so I can siphon without worrying about getting the last dregs from the carboy to fill the keg as I don't typically bottle anything.

11 gallons here . . 2 full cornies after losses. That and it's too hot to brew in the summer. Oh, and a lot of friends who came out of the woodwork when they learned I BYO.  ::) 

I normally put 11 to 11.5 into the fermenters depending on how much hop matter is in my kettle.  If I have more than what will fit into secondary, I'll run the leftover into a plastic bottle, squeeze the air out, and throw the carbonator on top to carb it up.  Gives me something esle to try other than the 3 beers on tap.


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