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Well, I thought when I got into this that I would just keg my beer.  But I'm running into obvious limitations (giving beer away, taking beer to someone else's house, etc.).  So now I am looking into getting going on bottling. 

I value doing it right the first time, so what equipment is the best, easiest, most efficient and leads to the most sanitary process?  I'm pretty settled on the Blichmann beer gun, but what else?


Just make sure the bottles and very clean and well sanitized and chill them before you fill with the gun.

I give label-free, previously rinsed bottles an oxyclean soak, rinse them, give them a sani-clean soak, rinse again and bake at 350 for an hour.  Way overkill?  Yep, but it makes me feel better.  This regime is only for beers that will be stored for a long time or submitted to competitions.  Also, I don't often do this so the extra time doesn't kill me.

For taking beer to a friends house I just sanitize a clean growler with starsan.

I think the vinator, in combination with a bottle tree, is the easiest and fastest way to sanitize a run of bottles.

If you're bottling from the keg, these look pretty cool (though I just purge with CO2 and bottle right from the tap) - they also make one that fits Perlick forward-seal faucets:

+1 to the vinator w/ star san and bottle tree - changed my life by making bottling 1000% more easier & faster (wait make that 10,000%). I'm reading Dave Miller's new book and he mentions liking the Fermentap counter pressure bottle filler over all the others. I've never used any of them but am also considering purchasing in order to share keg beer.

I bottle my beer from the keg using a Blichmann Beer Gun. You'll still want to have a bottle tree and a good quality capper, but the key is to use super clean and sanitized bottles. You could also use the bottle wand if you choose to go the frugal route. I used a bottle wand for years with great success, but the beer gun is awesome.


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