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I think if you wanted to make the cheap version of a beer gun is to take a bottle wand and attach it to your liquid side of the keg, basically a beer gun set up.  Keeping your bottles cold before bottling helps reduce foaming as well.  I keep the sanitized cases in my keg freezer before i bottle, when there's room ;)

I also use Denny's "Cheap and Easy" method. I still have beer bottled 4 years ago that is carbonated and non-oxidized. Loss of carbonation- that would be a separate issue regardless.

Turn down the keg psi to next to nothing and turn on as needed to keep the beer flowing. Burp the stopper occasionally. My advice is to buy a pre-drilled stopper as drilling a solid one out is a real PITA and hard to get right.

Great comparison of a CP filler vs. Beer Gun:


--- Quote from: kylekohlmorgen on January 09, 2013, 02:14:52 PM ---Great comparison of a CP filler vs. Beer Gun:

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Thanks!  That was good... but now I am even more split-minded as to which one, or neither.  Obviously so much easier when there is clearly a 'best practice.'



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--- Quote from: narcout on January 04, 2013, 02:16:44 AM ---I think the vinator, in combination with a bottle tree, is the easiest and fastest way to sanitize a run of bottles.

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+1  The vinator is so much better than soaking/dunking the bottles. Mine doesn't fit on my bottle tree, but I consider that secondary.

I also spritz the tree down with Starsan as a precaution.

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I'm a tree spritzer too!


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