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I find that when keeping the bottles rinsed after use as much as possible then the "sanitize" feature of my dishwasher is sufficient to keep my filled bottles infection-free.

If your family drinks soda then the bottles are an excellent way to store your excess- what won't fit in the kegs and are great to take to friends' houses. A carbonator cap is a great tool for rapid carbonation.

Joe Sr.:

--- Quote from: bluesman on January 04, 2013, 02:51:01 AM ---I bottle my beer from the keg using a Blichmann Beer Gun. You'll still want to have a bottle tree and a good quality capper, but the key is to use super clean and sanitized bottles. You could also use the bottle wand if you choose to go the frugal route. I used a bottle wand for years with great success, but the beer gun is awesome.

--- End quote ---

I bottled several cases over the holidays using a piece of racking cane and a stopper.  Worked great and actually got me thinking I should bottle more.  I used oxy caps for a little extra insurance.

Definitely the bottle tree makes this process easier.

I have a number of old Phil's Phillers that I used to use when bottling and have thought about trying them with bottling from the keg.  I'm not sure how well they would work with carbonated beer, but if you're bottling before carbonating they're awesome.

I just tried a new process for bottling beers for bottle conditioning.

All my bottling buckets (the ones with spigots) are a little funky at this point, particularly in the spigot itself as it's nearly impossible to clean those well so this week I did something different. I added my priming sugar (and some new yeast as this beer was a big beast) to a clean sanitized and purged keg, racked the beer into the keg and sealed it up. I could then safely shake the keg a bit to make sure I had good distribution of sugar and yeast. Then I just forced the green beer out with a few psi of co2 into bottles and capped as normal.

It worked really well, better than a bottling bucket for sure.

In terms of sanitizing bottles i use the oven. I always rinse bottles as soon as they are empty and delabel as needed. I rinse well with hot water and put them in the oven the night before I am bottling. bake at 350 for 20 minutes or so and then shut the oven off and let them cool over night.

If I am bottling carbonated beer I am not usually doing a whole batch or for a long storage period so I just santize in a bucket and call it good enough.

I have the Blichmann Beergun for beer I'm going to store or for competitions.  I also have the adapter narcout posted if I'm taking beer to the club meeting or I know it's going to be consumed in the near future.

Agree with what others have said re vinator and star san being the best.  I much prefer the Black Beauty capper over most benchtop cappers because most benchtop cappers have to be adjusted for different height bottles or require shims. 


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