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Beer dinner pairings help

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Main course needs Haffenreffer Private Stock  :P

For dessert I'd second the coffee stout idea. If you don't mind a sipper, then something like an English Barleywine or a Belgian Quad might be a good call as well. Maybe some Westie XII :)

Here's some pairing info from the BA....




If its this badass of an experience (and it seems to be), pick up a copy of Brewmasters Table and read the $#!t out of it.  Garrett Oliver, while a bit pompous here and there, breaks it all down beautifully.  Such a great read and reference, and if u are going to have a monumental experience like this, it is a must.

I'm more interested in what's going on here. Who will the guests be? This is a pretty intriguing concept.
You pay the restaurant and they let you make diner?

I have a copy of Brewmaster's table, and have read it twice, and have yet to get anything concrete out of it. It's just too prose-y and abstract for my needs. I was hoping it would be a more in-depth 'scientific' discussion of why certain things in beer pair with certain things in food, but basically it was Garrett talking about how he loved Jenlain (Blech!) with Cassoulet.

The concept is, it's just a regular restaurant. You don't have to pay anything to be the chef, and you don't have to provide a list of guests. It's just a regular restaurant, that takes regular clients, but with the added benefit of an extra 10-20 covers brought in by whoever the guest chef is that day. Pretty good business model, really.


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