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2013 Brew Year's Resolutions/Goals

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- figure out a hop filter/screen that works for my new system
- streamline my cleanup process in the new brewery so I can be done sooner
- judge in at least 2 out of town competitions
- dial in/master my West Coast IPA - my regular IPA is more Celebrationesque - amber, maltier.  I'm working on something that is more WC flared.
- brew the following styles/recipes:
   Wookey Jack clone
   Blind Pig
   Pliny (been a while)
   Janet's Brown Ale
   Golden Bock
   Double Stout
   Baltic Porter
   San Diego Session Ale

Of course I'll be brewing many other styles as well, but I've been wanting to do all of these.

How about you?

-start culturing yeast.
-have a RIMS system built by the end of the year.

If I get both done, I'm very happy!   ;D


my goal is 12 beers in 12 months, same as my goal last year.  i started strong, with seven beers in six months, but only brewed one in the final six months, sadly.

i've got a balcones barrel right now that i plan on getting a stout in before the end of the year.  i also want to brew a beer or two with bugs in it, non fruited this time.  i'll probably brew an esb, a couple ipa and pale ales.  i'd like to brew the white house honey brown (brewed the honey blonde last year, still have a case). 

i need to get another fermentation fridge or freezer as my 'old' one now keeps the beer cold.  i need to start kegging again.  i need to start brewing all grain again by the end of the year.

lots to do, lots to do. 

1) Make a big dent in my hop hoard. I have 6 recipes for hoppy brews right now that will end up using at least 2 ounces of each hop variety in my freezer. That should take up most of my winter/spring brewing.

2) Brew a few 100% Brett beers. One of the above-mentioned brews will be a Brett IPA. Also thinking of doing a Baltic Porter and sour-wort Berliner Weisse as 100% Brett brews.

3) Take one yeast strain and brew every Belgian style with it at various temps to learn it inside and out.

4) Rebrew my roast porter a couple of times to really try to nail down the recipe I want for that.

5) Find the elusive session Pale Ale recipe that really suits my palate.

1) Better QC. Dumping batches that are just "meh."
2) Drink less, and only drink good beer (related to #1)
3) Manage my ingredient inventory better (stop stockpiling stuff I don't really need)


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