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Dry Hopping in a corny keg

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--- Quote from: bretniday on January 05, 2013, 08:59:50 PM ---Thanks guys for the feedback. Never thought of hanging the hop bag in that fashion, I was contemplating tacking a stainless hook on the inside of the lid. had seen it done before, but your idea is much simpler in the time frame im working with.
   So do you thin just set your carb to serve pressure and thats that? leaving the hops dangle till the keg runs dry?

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Some lids have a recessed well for the pressure relief valve, you can us a SS hose clamp to fasten the bag/floss there.

Or the plumbers teflon tape works well under the o-ring.

Having tried many different methods, including racking to Brite tank/'secondary' then dry hopping, hopping in primary after fermentation, hoppng in keg, I have to say my favorite method so far is tasty mcd's method where you add a lot of dry hops (2-3 oz for an apa, 4-5 for an IPA) at the tail end of fermentation in the primary for 2-3 weeks (I don't 'secondary' anymore). I find that the grassy/vegetal flavors are driven off but the good volatile oils remain.  Add  them when the bubbles slow to about every 5 seconds.

So having never done this before my big concern was oxidation of the beer when dry hopping into my primary witch is a carboy. The post primary hopping is the style im most interested in trying out, without racking off into a secondary. So do you just toss them in and thats that? Thanks for the reply mpietropaoli

Tasty actually says in the podcast on IIPAs that it drives off any potential oxygen, to which hoppy styles are particularly vulnerable.  I use a 45cent muslin bag and weight (sanitized shot/heavy glass).  Some dispute whether the weight is necessary.  I've had good results w weight and no weight.  Adding while fermentation is still active is what supposedly ensures that the oxygen is removed from the hops and the beer.


--- Quote from: james on January 05, 2013, 02:30:35 AM ---I do this with unwaxed/unflavored dental floss tied around a hop bag.  I only use whole leaf hops now, pellets always make such a mess.

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I want to do this method with coffee beans for a stout or porter, just to add that extra aroma/flavor.


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