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Tap a Keg system???

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Joe Sr.:

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--- Quote from: kgs on January 06, 2013, 09:43:30 PM ---Otherwise its carbonation is too variable. But group sharing is why I bought it, so that's fine.

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Do you mean that it loses carbonation over time?

Seems expensive for a party where growlers or pitchers could do.

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You're assuming that you're filling from a keg. If you know you're brewing for an event, tap-a-draft makes things simple.

Yes I think the carbonation softens over time. It's not perfect and it's not cheap. With so many small kegging systems coming on the market, it may be a product whose time has come and gone. But it's a good little friend for what it does.

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I see what you're saying.  I used to have a Party Pig, which is essentially he same thing with the exception that you don't inject CO2.  We used it a few times for parties, but it just wasn't that practical.

I've wanted this small keg for no other reason than it's cute...

Joe Sr.:
I bought a couple of their 2.5 gallon kegs.  They work just fine, but are significantly cheaper in construction.

But I think you can tell that just by looking at them.

I have a party-star tap, 4 CO2 cartridges, and 1 5L keg if anyone wants these items.  Works great for a party, as discussed in this forum thread.  I need to downsize my equipment collection; moving to a smaller house, and the lesser used equipment just has to go... reply to this and I can email you a photo & contact info

I've used the Tap-A-Draft as my entry into packaging without bottling but at a lower initial expense than a full blown keg system. It served me well but I'll probably end up with a keg system sooner or later.

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