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Off taste in new keg system - cleaning?

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I just hooked up a new two-tap faucet system in my fridge downstairs that's fantastic, but I am experiencing a plastic off-taste when I let the beer sit for a day or so in the lines (about 5 feet). Last night and tonight I even experimented with tasting the first couple ounces after sitting over night vs. getting it from the keg - a definite plastic taste vs. no plastic taste.

Is there any way to pre-clean these lines so they don't have this taste or do I just have to wait for the lines to get un-plasticy?

All of the standard-issue beer line I have ever bought from homebrew supply shops has been odorless and tasteless, even brand new.  Did it come from a homebrew supply shop or commercial beverage source?  Or from another source  like a hardware store?  You should not be able to taste the hose.

The hose came from of which I've ordered tons of stuff from and is a homebrew company.

I friend of mine got some from morebeer once and had the same problem.  He tried for a long time to get rid of the smell/flavor but he never could.  He ended up getting new line free from morebeer and didn't have a problem with it.  I think sometimes they get bad lots from their supplier.  I would contact them and tell them about the problem and see what they'll do.

I had a similar experience a couple of years ago with some beer line from MoreBeer.
Couldn't get rid of the plastic taste and MoreBeer replaced the line for me.
The new line is fine.


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