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Off taste in new keg system - cleaning?

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So I did a little experiment and switched out the plastic tasting hose from a hose from my local homebrew shop and low and behold no nasty plastic taste. I just smelled the hose that I took off - whew - stinks. It has "superflex pvc tubing" on the side rated at 212F, thus I'm not feeling this is food grade. I called and left a message but thanks for the tip about switching out the hoses. Beer tastes fine now.

I've experienced that same issue with beverage tubing that I've purchased from both Nothern Brewer and Micromatic. 

If it is not clearly marked as beverage line, it is questionable. As others have stated there have been bad batches of even the good stuff. New lines should need nothing but a rinse with water at most and should never be carrying taste and odor.

Jimmy K:
Not imparting flavors and odors is part of the test for food grade certification, so I'd guess it was a bad batch or a different supplier than normal.


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